Event Weekend Updates!


Exhibitors may scan their badges at the Result PCs provided on-site to review and edit their dog’s Titles and Announcer Bios.

Changes MUST be submitted prior to when your jump height starts walking when showing in Ring 1!



Ringside Results are being posted within minutes of each handler/dog’s run.

Round/Jump Height results are being posted as soon as judging has concluded and ribbons are ready for distribution.


Excess souvenirs will go on sale at 11am on Saturday, December 14th over at the Merchandise table.


Juniors, Bred-By Exhibitors and Title Updates must be accurate on your dog’s record by Sunday morning at 8am in order to be eligible for the following Round 3 and Round 4’s Special Awards.

  • Top Scoring Junior
  • Top Scoring Bred-By Exhibitor
  • Top Scoring Dog w/a title in:
    • Conformation
    • Obedience
    • Rally
    • Tracking


Opt-In to receive informational text messages during the event weekend by texting the message “@akca” to 702/751-0483.

Opt-Out by texting the message “Unsubscribe @akca” to 702/751-0483.


A link to Video On-Demand (not live streaming) of Saturday and Sunday’s runs in Ring 1 and Finals in Ring 2 is now available at http://www.akc.org/events/agility/invitational

Unloading Zone / Walk-In Entrance to Agility

Carrie has marked up a facility map showing an Unloading Zone that may be used over on the south-west corner of the building right by where agility is located.  The map also has directions on how to enter the building.

NOTE: You may not leave your vehicle unattended.  There is no one at this location to watch over your property.  It is a tow-away zone if your vehicle is found unattended by facility personnel!


Online Title Updates, Bios, Handler changes

The last day for submitting online Title Updates, Bios, and Handler Changes is Wednesday. Changes may be made while on-site starting Friday.

Excess Souvenirs on Sale

Excess souvenirs will go on sale at 11am on Saturday, December 14th over at the Merchandise table.

Day of Show Parking

Parking will be $9.00 per day in the Day of Show lot. You can go in & out, but can not leave cars parked overnight in parking lot.

If you are considering crating from your car, please remember the parking lot is on the opposite side of the convention center from where agility is located, it is a huge facility, and the weather in Orlando FL will be in the 70s-80s this weekend.

WiFi Availability at OCCC

One of your fellow exhibitors, Mari, has passed this information along regarding WiFi during our upcoming weekend:

The Orange County Convention Center offers “OCCC Free WiFi” in the public space concourse areas outside of the exhibit halls. To connect to the complimentary service, simply select “OCCC Free WiFi” through your device’s available wireless networks and then open a web browser to connect. Pay-per-day service* is available in the exhibit halls starting at $79.95 per day/per device. Attached is a flyer regarding “Exhibitor Internet”. *Please note “Exhibitor Internet” is broadcast at the 5 GHz wireless frequency. Please verify if your device is 5 GHz compatible, prior to arrive on-site to avoid issues purchasing service.

If you have any additional questions regarding wireless internet at the OCCC, please feel free to contact the on-site service provider, Smart City, at 888-614-2637 or email AllOCCCcsr@smartcity.com

Exhibitor Internet NEW 01 2013

Follow the Agility Invitational and Juniors Agility Competition fun on Facebook!

Exhibitors and spectators can follow the fun of next weekend’s events on AKC’s Agility Invitational Facebook event page:



Video on Demand Coverage of AKC’s Agility Invitational on Saturday and Sunday!

AKC, in partnership with Eukanuba, will be providing video coverage of next weekend’s Agility Invitational.

On Saturday and Sunday, video coverage of Ring 1 for Rounds 1-4  (all jump heights will be shown at some point) and Ring 2 for Finals shall be video-taped, then uploaded.  NO coverage of Friday’s events shall be video-taped.

This coverage is Video On Demand.  As such, videos will become available within approximately 2 hours AFTER that day’s competition has concluded.  If they are ready earlier we will post that information out to Facebook.  Please check the link during the day to see if they have started to upload video earlier.


Look for a link to the videos to appear starting Friday, December 13th at:


Tell your family and friends sitting at home to watch for your runs next weekend!

Event Result Links and Informational Text Messaging

Event Result Links and Informational Text Messaging

Click on the link above to open a flyer explaining when and where results shall be published during the event.

Results shall be posted twice a day to AKC’s Agility Invitational / Juniors Agility Competition web site.

Results after each round and jump height shall be posted to AKC’s Facebook page and our http://www.akcagilityresults.com web site.

Ringside results shall also be posted within minutes after each handler/dog runs. This web page may be used both to track how a team did, as well as track where in the running order each ring is at from remote locations (like your crating space).

**NEW** At this event, we are experimenting with a new method of communication. You may opt-in to receive occasional, informational text messages during the event.

For instance, when excess merchandise will go on sale, walk-thru announcements, etc.

J&J Dog Supplies – equipment available for sale after event!

Save 20% on J&J contact equipment used in the ring at the 2013 AKC Agility Invitational!
This is a great offer for anyone attending the event or living in the Orlando area. All items are available on a “first come” basis and the following applies to qualify for the pricing below:
  • All items must be paid for and reserved in advance by calling J & J at 800-642-2050 Monday-Friday between 8:30 & 4:30 Central time.
  • All contacts/equipment will be painted/rubberized/striped in J & J’s standard catalog colors.
All items must be picked up Sunday afternoon December 15, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center, 9899 International Drive, North/South Building, Orlando, FL 32819 at the conclusion of the event. The items will be unpackaged and loose at the time of pick-up. You will be completely responsible to have appropriate means to remove and transport your purchased items from the show site.
  • All sales are final and it is understood that this will be new equipment at the beginning of the event. The equipment will be used for 3 days of competition on a matted surface and will have usual wear and tear from use in these conditions.
Good luck to everyone competing at the event and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

See the below link for a list of equipment available and prices:



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